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logo_ISS_2016_whiteInternational Summer School 3E+ Energy Electronics Electricity 2016 at Wrocław University of Science and Technology

The 4th edition of international summer school for students from partner universities will be held within 4-22 July, 2016.

Summer School provides didactic activities: lectures, laboratories and projects carried out in groups of 4-6 people under the supervision of individual academic staff. The programme of Summer School also includes a course of Polish language and trips to many interesting places in Wrocław and the Lower Silesia region.

Graduation certificate will contain a final grade which will be included in the student’s achievements.

Participant profile: students of the first, second and the third stage of study (PhD) at the following fields: Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation and Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering or related scientific areas. For organizational reasons we expect no more than 35 participants. Students will be asked to rank at least 3 projects (themes) in order of their preference with 1 being the first choice. The students will be assigned to the first available project based on their preference.


Please note that the Polish visa processing time is approximately 5-6 weeks. Therefore, registration deadline end on April 30, 2016. The participation fee is 550 euro. This amount includes: accommodation, tuition, lunches, excursions and teaching, tickets to museums, organizational costs.


Please find attached a list of themes and the program of 3E+ Summer School. Contact person: Ms Ewa Mroczek:; tel: +48 71 320 41 63

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summer school 2014


Dear  Partners,


With reference to previous conversations we’d like to offer our Summer School Project - «3E+ = Energy + Electronics + Electricity+ Nanotechnology», which was planned for master programs students of our Partner Universities, within
5 — 26 July 2014.
The language of the school is English.
            For organizational reasons
, this year we expect about 30 participants and
we ask that each of the participants will report their willingness to be part of minimum 3 projects (themes) to evenly divide the size of the groups. Then students will be assigned to specific projects by reported interest.
            At the same time
we draw your attention to the fact that the Polish visa processing time is approximately 5-6 weeks. Therefore, we expect  that you declare the participation of your students in the Summer School no later than 31 March 2014.   The participation fee is 400 euro.
This amount includes accommodation, tuition, partly meals, excursions and teaching (professional), tickets, etc.
Please find enclosed the program and schedule for our  Summer School 2014.
15.04.2014 - Application for participation (within the Application Form)
30.04.2014 - Eligibility of participants in project groups
15.05.2014 - Payment of participation fee on WrUT account

31.05.2014 - Issuance of visa applications
05.07.2014 - Arrival of participants to Wroclaw


With best regards,

Summer School Organizational Team

Летняя школа в Польше

В период с 6 по 27 июля группа студентов из 20 человек под руководством преподавателя английского языка Терентьевой Ольги проходила обучение в летней школе во Вроцлаве, организованной Вроцлавской Политехникой и НИУ МЭИ. Группа была отобрана на конкурсной основе из учащихся, показавших владение английским языком и хорошее знание профильных предметов. За время выездной практики студенты ознакомились с организацией учебы  дружественного НИУ МЭИ университета, считающегося одним из лучших технических вузов Польши, побывали на нескольких электростанциях и заводах, поучаствовали в ряде интересных научных экспериментов.

Учеба в Политехнике сочеталась с познавательным курсом страноведения и интересно составленным курсом польского языка. Ежедневно студенты посещали уроки, проводимые носителем языка, на выходных осматривали достопримечательности как в черте, так и за пределами города. По окончании летнего курса студентам были выданы сертификаты.